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DOUBLY LUCKY: The Auspicious Life




Doubly Happy: ABCs for ABCs is a playfully visual book, written in rhyme, to celebrate everyday objects from Chinese culture. From Abacus to Zongzi, discover the richness of Chinese heritage.

Colorful, vibrant and happy, the book appeals to all ages. Buy one for yourself or make it twice as nice to keep one and gift one to a friend or school library.

Hardcover, 7 x 7 inch square

36 pages


“...this book inspires ABCs to celebrate and explore their double heritage, and encourages readers to discover where their culture has been and how to make it their own moving forward.”
I love love the book! Great selection of words and accompanying pictures. Love the detailed explanations in the back.
Thank you for your creativity and this joyful, meaningful book for the world – brings pride to being American and Chinese.
...makes me think more deeply and also celebrate the intertwining of cultures that makes up me.

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Anna Wong, art director and graphic designer, created her books to celebrate and share her Chinese heritage. A little whimsy wrapped in elegance – "annalyrical" is the word coined by her spouse for Anna's analytical perspective. Her books showcase that approach with vibrant appealing colors and illustrative layouts. 

The catalyst for her books are her many nieces and nephews. She wants them to know their Chinese roots. Anna is excited that her passion project grew into something she now shares with you, her community. She is doubly happy and doubly lucky to be of Chinese heritage. May you live joyfully and enjoy many happy fortunes.

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