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Doubly Happy: ABCs for ABCs

Discover things Chinese from A to Z: food, objects, and culture. Abacus to lantern to zongzi, cultural items from everyday life. Did you know the Chinese invented prototype hot air balloons and wheelbarrows? That kites were used for warning signals by the military? And what's the Tray of Togetherness? It's the Lunar New Year candy plate. Playful rhyming descriptions read like riddles capturing the essence of each featured item. An appendix follows at the end..

Book sample interior pages for A, D and T

A is for Abacus – Ancient device, makes math precise.

D is for Dragon – Independent, fierce, yet loyal. Passionate, bold and royal.

T is for Tea – Yum Cha equals dim sum, a touch of heart. Small plates, selected delicacies served from a cart.

"Doubly Happy: ABCs for ABCs" plays on double happiness which, traditionally, is used in marriages to celebrate joy, love and unity. Here it brings together two thriving cultures, Chinese and American.  Anna wrote and illustrated the book to provide her nieces and nephew quick snapshots of their heritage. She wanted to share the hows and whys and show them contributions from Chinese culture. The book celebrates Anna's ABC pride. In that spirit,, she sprinkles in Cantonese and Mandarin for the ABCs. She intersperses objects from her childhood as well as illuminating facts. Fun and informative, the book invites more exploration for all ages.


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I’m excited about giving these to the little ones in our family. Thanks for representing the Asian culture!

This ABC definitely learned something from the book.

I could chuckle over many of your accompanying verses that were so thoughtfully and aptly written. To me the book also means that ABC’s are really maturing and able to look at themselves and their heritage with remarkable pride.

What a beautiful and fun way to share our Chinese culture…giving them to my ABC nephews! Thanks!

I love love the book! Great selection of words and accompanying pictures. Love the detailed explanations in the back.


Anna Wong is the proud and fun aunt of 14 nieces and nephews, all of whom brings her great happiness. They were her inspiration in creating Doubly Happy. Anna loves spoiling them on their overnight visits and showing them her city, chasing sunrises and sunsets. She has no qualms serving ice cream for breakfast nor hunting for the best boba from local shops twice in a day,
for multiple days. The same, in the quest for the city’s tastiest pastries...
and XLB...and pineapple buns.

Anna lives with her ABC husband in San Francisco, where they thrive in the wealth of offerings related to food, culture, the arts, and the outdoors.

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