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Doubly Lucky: The Auspicious Life

Living auspiciously is more than being lucky. This blessing of good fortune doubles your chances and tips the balance toward happiness and prosperity. Doubly Lucky: The Auspicious Life celebrates the richness of Chinese folklore and the allure of its superstitions to help you find luck ­— or luck to find you.


Lighthearted yet informative, the book explores the symbols and superstitions associated with luck. Doubly Lucky highlights how to create it, recognize it, enhance it, summon it, or in the case of bad luck, avoid it and overcome it.

Eight – Carries the promise of endless opportunities. Wealth is only one of itsinfinite possibilities.

Rice – Eat every single little speck leave no trace.  As each grain left marks a spot on your partner’s face.

Birthday Buns – A touch of blush for vitality. Peach-shaped for immortality.

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Such a fun way to learn about Chinese superstitions for kids AND adults. Makes a great coffee table book and conversation starter.

Very very charming and very very interesting.

I smiled through the entire book and will go back and reread both books many times over.

I love the size of the books. There is something about it that makes the read even more cozy and alluring.

The design, fonts and colors are rich and expressive of the meaning of the text on each page.

Fun, interesting and engaging graphics.

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