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About the Author & Illustrator

Anna Wong feels doubly happy and doubly lucky to be Chinese and American. Growing up, Anna attended Chinese School on Saturdays but sadly neither reads nor writes Cantonese beyond her name and the basics. She converses in what she believes is fluent Cantonese, albeit sprinkled with “Chinglish” when necessary. Doubly Happy and Doubly Lucky are from her ABC perspective, providing a snapshot into Chinese culture.

Her books started as a passion project motivated by her d
esire to share Chinese culture with her fourteen nieces and nephews. Anna hopes to inspire pride in their shared heritage and roots. Her goal is to preserve the traditions and culture she thanks her parents for instilling. Both books highlight the symbolism in everyday Chinese objects and actions. New or nostalgic, some pages will be familiar and some may provide an “aha” moment. No, it's not made up. It's steeped in tradition. She is grateful for your embrace of Chinese culture and the welcome reception her books receive.

Anna employs her training as a graphic designer, creating a visual feast with her books. Analyrical, she writes and illustrates from a uniquely Anna view.

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