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Doubly Happy: ABCs for ABCs

Doubly Happy: ABCs for ABCs

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Doubly Happy delightfully unites Chinese and American culture from an ABC perspective.


A is for Abacus – Ancient device, makes math precise.

L is for Lantern – Modern form of celebration. Adorning buildings as decoration.

Q is for Qipao – Urban dress drives radical rift. Fashion shapes attitude shift.


From A to Z – Discover and celebrate everyday Chinese cultural objects. Bright graphic illustrations, typographic treatments and lighthearted rhymes present each item on the page. An apendix further illuminates each object with fun facts.


Fun fact from the appendix:

Abacus – Invented circa 1300 BC in China, the sliding beads perform math calculations, from basic addition and subtraction to complex square roots. A highly skilled abacus user can solve equations faster than a mathematician with a calculator.


Hardcover with sewn binding

7 x 7 inches square, 36 pages

ISBN: 979-8-9855033-0-2

Self-published in 2022


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