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Doubly Happy: ABCs for ABCs. Twice as nice.

Doubly Happy: ABCs for ABCs. Twice as nice.

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Doubly Happy delightfully brings Chinese and American culture together.

From A to Z – Discover and celebrate everyday Chinese cultural objects.


C is for Chopsticks – Hold them right, don't be rude. Not too tight to pick up food.

D is for Dragon – Independent, fierce yet loyal. Passionate, bold and royal.

U is for Umbrella – Paper, bamboo silk – light as a feather. Wax and laquer – protects from weather.


An appendix provides additional fun facts:

Chopsticks – Using chopsticks require following etiquette rules. Never use them to pointat people. That shows disrespect. Never poke them upright in your rice. That alludes to death because it looks like incense burned for the dead. And never use them to spear food. If Chinese food is served on a dinner plate, it’s easier to use a fork.


Save on two books. Perfect for keeping one and gifting one.


Hardcover with sewn binding

7 x 7 inches square, 36 pages

ISBN: 979-8-9855033-0-2

Self published in 2022


All sales are final. No returns.

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