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Doubly Lucky: The Auspicious Life

Doubly Lucky: The Auspicious Life

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Explore the symbolism of Chinese folklore and the tempting appeal of its superstitions and traditions. Doubly Lucky: The Auspicious Life playfully illustrates how to find and create good fortune. Because when you have elusive luck, then an abundance of health, wealth, and happiness will follow.


Eight – Carries the promise of endless opportunities. Wealth is only one of itsinfinite possibilities.

Fish - To flip a fish on its platter tips the boat. Tragic for fishers staying afloat.

Birthday Buns – A touch of blush for vitality. Peach-shaped for immortality.


The appendix explains what you should or should not do to maximize your good fortune.

Hardcover with sewn binding and end bands
7 x 7 inches square, 36 pages
ISBN: 979-8-9855033-1-9
Self-published, © 2024

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