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Doubly Lucky: Twice the Blessings

Doubly Lucky: Twice the Blessings

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Explore the symbolism of Chinese folklore and the tempting appeal of its superstitions and traditions. Doubly Lucky: The Auspicious Life playfully illustrates how to find and create good fortune. Because when you have elusive luck, then an abundance of health, wealth, and happiness will follow.


Fortune Cookies – On slips of paper, messages are concealed. Predictions and wisdom to be revealed.   

Scissors – Best time to gift is never as friendships they will sever.

Firecrackers – Loudly scaring evil spirits away. Joyfully annoucing the holiday.

The appendix further explains what you should or should not do to maximize your luck.


Hardcover with sewn binding and end bands
7 x 7 inches square, 36 pages
ISBN: 979-8-9855033-1-9
Self-published, © 2024

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